Jeff Rosenthal

Co-Founder, Summit

Jeff is a generational thought leader, connector, and instigator. Co-Founder of Summit, an organization which is best known for hosting flagship global events gatherings that unite the leaders of today and tomorrow through environments and events designed to catalyze positive personal and collective growth. Jeff is a co-owner of Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah, the largest ski area in the United States, and is building a community called Summit Powder Mountain on the backside of the mountain. This village will be the permanent home of Summit and is intended to preserve the character and history of the mountain.

Jeff is involved in most aspects of Summit, from master planning, design, and development for Summit Powder Mountain, to community curation, strategy, direction of musical and intellectual content programs, and overall general management of Summit’s ventures.

In addition, Jeff also the Co-Director the Summit Action Fund, which makes investments in startup’s that drive positive disruptive innovation- portfolio includes Uber, Warby Parker, among others. Summit is also a GP in Learn Capital, which is focuses exclusively on investments into better and smarter learning