Dan Pankratz

Co-Founder, Exchange Collective

After failing at his first business at the age of 19, Dan took the leap of faith to buy a skate shop in Santa Maria Ca to give owning a business one more shot. But it was not the idea of creating a business that made him jump. It was the chance to create a culture that would change people’s lives. The vision that was shared by his Brother and him is what grew a 2000sq/ft store with 2 employees to 4 locations with over 50 employees at any given time, many of them who will say working at One Way made them who they are today. Starting a business was more than just Profit and Loss it was making a difference.

Dan is a true believer in the power of passion. Wherever he goes, passion leads the way. He’s the engine behind Exchange Collective’s industry-shifting product strategy; creating an intuitive user experience suited to the way people shop today. He takes a Mad Max approach to unforeseeable roadblocks and leads his team though the proverbial Thunderdome to thunderous applause. A father of two boys and two beautiful girls, some may say he’s crazy, but he knocks it up to healthy dose of passion and a good night’s sleep.