Beryl Solomon

CEO, State Bags

Beryl sits squarely at the crossroads of the business and fashion worlds.

After receiving her BA and MGA from the University of Pennsylvania, Beryl began her career as a public sector consultant for IBM. Representing clients such as USAID and FEMA, Beryl honed her critical thinking and problem solving skills. However, her role and the industry were not the right fit and she could not envision a fulfilling long-term career as a public sector consultant. So, Beryl followed her passion and enrolled at Parsons with the objective of figuring out the “business of fashion”. Next came stints at Theory as a merchant and Kate Spade overseeing global operations, strategy and product expansion positioning Beryl uniquely at the intersection of the creative, operational, and financial aspects of fashion brands. Beryl is the perfect addition to the STATE Team and is poised to leverage Scot and Jacq’s vision and turn STATE into a global brand. Beryl has the expertise to create a successful business that will balance profitability with a social footprint, because businesses and giving back should not, and cannot be, in conflict with each other.