Andrew Klein

CPO & Co-Founder, Backbone PLM

Andrew Klein started his career working for an Atlanta, GA based apparel company where he spent 3 years on the production floor all across China and Peru in various knit and woven mills, wash houses, print houses, and various component suppliers. In 2009, Andrew moved to New York City to work for Ralph Lauren as a Menswear Designer.

After progressing up the ladder for 4 years and showcasing his affinity for improved processes and classic fits, he pursued an opportunity at Tommy Hilfiger as the Menswear Senior Designer, heading up several departments. Andrew also consulted on Tommy Hilfiger’s Men’s Underwear and Outerwear Hybrids line which drew critical acclaim.
In 2014, after many great years as a product designer and developer, Andrew saw an immense opportunity in streamlined product design and development.

He teamed up with his brother Matthew Klein to start Backbone PLM and aims to revolutionize the product making industry.