Feb 13, 2018

4:00 pm

Assembly Auditorium

The Truth (About Vans) and Other Lies
with Doug Palladini, Global President at Vans
Vans has grown from a small Southern California footwear manufacturer into a global lifestyle brand rapidly approaching $3B in annual sales. What has Vans learned along the way about honoring its roots while expanding its business opportunities? How does Vans keep its culture-led brand strong as hundreds of employees become thousands, as a dozen countries representing its products become more than 80? Fourteen-year Vans veteran and Global Brand President Doug Palladini sheds some light…

Timex – Creating Relevance with Today’s Consumer
with Tobias Reiss Schmidt, CEO of Timex

Inside Summit & The Future
with Jeff Rosenthal, Co-founder of Summit
Jeff will sit down with Liberty Fair’s president Stephen Savage to discuss how & why he created Summit, and how it has become the breeding ground of innovation and collaboration.

  • Doug Palladini

    Global President


  • Jeff Rosenthal



  • Tobias Reiss-Schmidt

    President & CEO

    Timex Group

  • Stephen Savage


    Liberty Fairs

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